Introduction: CPX- Headlamp

CPX programmed headlamp that dims or gets brighter based on how much light is detected.



battery pack for 2AAA batteries

(2)AAA batteries




Hot Glue


Step 1: Get CPX Code

Get code from link below:

Program circuit playground express and attach battery pack.

Step 2: Make Battery Holder From Cardboard

Make battery holder out of cardboard, tape together. Cut cardboard strip for CPX on front, tape CPX to cardbaord, tape cardboard around battery pack cardboard box.

Step 3: Make Fabric Headband

Cut stripe of fabric about 24" long, fold over once in middle and glue, fold over other side to middle and glue. Attach Velcro on opposite end of opposite sides of the fabric strip.

Step 4: Fabric Over Cardboard Box

Cut a small hole in fabric for the CPX to fix through. Wrap extra fabric around box and glue.

Step 5: Attach Fabric Headband to Box

Line up headband so in middle of box, glue down.

Step 6: Finished!