South Pacific

Step 1: Wood

Take one long piece of 2x4 wood(Not Pictured). Measure them to 4 7' 1/8th inch pieces. your going to take that one long piece with the measurements to the Compound Mitre Saw with Abrasive Blade and that is what you use to cut the pieces needed. glasses on at all times.

Step 2: Top Pieces

These are going to be constructed using plywood. Which is a thinner piece of wood then 2x4. and you would use measuring tape to measure the top piece to 2' 3/4 inches x 17 inches. to cut these pieces you are going to use the take saw and you set the locking handle to the right measurements and start cutting.

Step 3: Side Pieces

you will also need two side pieces for your box. for this you will also use plywood. the measurements for them are different. the short side is 17' 3/4 inches x 14' inches. The long side is 2'1/2 inches x 14' inches. you will also be using the table saw.

Step 4: Piecing It Together

Here you will use the cordless drill with the phillips wafer head screws. the screw length will be 2' 1/12 inches. you will lay the long side plywood down, then you will place a 2x4 piece on each corner(pic above). then you will place the two side pieces and that is where your screwing comes in. you will then place the shorter piece on top and lay the last screws.

Step 5: Finished Product

with some grey primer you lightly paint over for the first layer. then with some black spray you spray the decals on the box.