Introduction: CRAZY CAR


Here is my model "CRAZY CAR"

- I modeled this car using a software3d, printed with a printer3d dagoma discovery 200, then painted with acrylic.

Step 1: Modeling

the model is composed of 4 parts (Car, pilot, wheels,hub caps),Export to stl format.

Step 2: 3D Print

Printed with dagoma discovery 200 with these parameters:

-Car: Printed with stand filled with 0.20mm layer thickness.time3h50min.

X: 144.68mm y: 63.41mm z: 36.38mm

-Pilot: Printed media, filled, layer thickness:0.10mm.time:1H52min

X: 23.67mm y: 31.37mm z: 48.23mm

-hub caps: Filled, layer thickness:0.15mm.time:5min.

X: 13.8mm y: 13.77mm z: 7.8mm

-Wheel: Filled, layer thickness: 0.15mm.time:26min.

X: 30mm y: 29.14mm z: 7.86mm

Step 3: Painting

Acrylic paint, varnish.the parts were glued together.

Step 4: LINK


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