We all know we should not use the same password over and over. As I find it horribly difficult to come up with totally random strings of characters, I thought of this simple method of making absolutely random passwords. The above is the password I created with the method that follows.

Step 1: Make Template

The above was made using screenshots of my phone keyboard in upper and lower case and the symbols.

Then I edited the screenshots leaving only the keyboards.

Then I whatsapp all the edited pictures to myself and screenshot the screen with all the keyboards in a single picture. And edited that to get the picture as shown.

I know this is a rather round about method of making the template. Use any method you like.

Instead of using a QWERTY layout you may consider using an alphabetical layout or even a totally random layout.


Draw a random line. Be sure you make an arrow on the line to indicate the direction the line was drawn. There are some symbols which need to be ignored as they are not allowed in passwords.

Now, this is where you actually create your password. Pick the characters the line pass through, in sequence, to form your password. You can use every 2nd or 3rd character which will probably make it even harder for hacker to break.

I save the picture with the drawn line as my password reminder.

Draw another random line on an unmarked template to create another password.