Introduction: CREEPY Halloween Eyes EEK

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I saw a set of these "eyes" in a catalog a couple years go, and  decided I could hack the design, and make my own for a fraction of the cost. Last year I made several sets of these as gifts. They were a BIG hit

Step 1: Step 1: Supplies

Shiny White Glass Christmas Ornament (s) I used the large ones, but have also used 2 different sizes
Bright Green Shiny Craft Paint for the iris (or any other color you choose....I like the shiny look)
Shiny Black Paint (this time I used a Paint Pen, and liked the results)
White paint (I used a White Out Pen)
Black Sharpie
Red Sharpei
Small square tipped paint brush
Small fine (pointed) tip paint brush
2 different sized round "templates" I used a canning ring, and a "lid" for a PVC pipe

OPTIONAL:  Stands for the ornaments. I made these from thrift store "finds" ....$.25 each. Spray painted black. I think they may have been candle holders. Just make sure whatever you "find"  that they have a hole for the "stem" part of the ornament  to fit in. The square one is up side down, so I could use the hole! I have also used the round containers that some gum comes in, or a juice glass.

Step 2: Step 1: Marking

Position the larger ring "template", and mark around it with a black Sharpie. Once that is dry positin the smaller "template" and mark around it.

The area in between the two circles will be the iris of the eye, so make sure there is plenty of area to paint

Step 3: Step 3 Paint the Iris

Using the color you want for the iris of the eye, squirt a small amount onto a paper plate. I used a small square brush to paint. I like the way the paint "flowed" in un-even lines going from the "pupil" out to the larger circle. Wipe away any paint that goes beyond the outer black line.....don't worry too much about the inner circle, it will be covered by the black paint of the pupil.

Step 4: Step 4 Paint the Pupil

 Either use the same square tip brush that you used to paint the iris (washed out of course) using black craft paint, or do what I tried this time......a paint marker, and paint the pupil.

Step 5: Step 5 Add the "Light Reflection"

Using a fine paint brush and white paint, or a White Out Pen add a small crescent shape in the upper part of the pupil/

Please excuse the REAL light reflection from my kitchen lights!  :-D

Step 6: Step 6 Add Veins

Using a Red Sharpie paint as many of as few veins around the iris as you want

TA-DA  Set these eyes on your mantle, or add to other spooky decorations

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