Introduction: CROCHET Earings


This is my first instructables. Now  Iam on my summer holidays and getting borded so i decided to recycle a few things.
Then i came across my old earings so decided to modify it and I ended up making a more beautiful one . Using crochet
I ended  making a varitey of things like earing, bracelets etc. First it started as an experiment but  in the end turned out to
be a beautiful accessorie.Hope you like it,enjoy!!

Step 1: Things You Require

Crochet needle
Old earings

Step 2:

Take a bundle of yarn and make a loop at the end of the yarn and insert the crochet needle into the yarn.

Step 3:

 Insert the needle through the center of the earing.

Step 4:

Roll the yarn once over the needle.

Step 5:

Pull out the yarn through the loop.

Step 6:

Insert the needle through the earing and pull the wool back through the center,then pull the yarn through the first loop.

Step 7:

Keep reapeting you will get something like this. If not start over and follow the steps properly.
IF you get something like this then continue till you complete the whole ring.

Step 8:

Thats it if you followed all steps then youll have somthing that looks like this.
Pull the yarn through the first loop. Tie a not and you are done.You can even try this with a braclet using different coloured yarn.
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