Introduction: CROCs Sandal Strap Blowout Repair, CROCs 2.0 Upgrade

Here's a simple fix for the annoying habit shared by CROCs and similar sandals... the dreaded STRAP BLOWOUT !

The little plastic rivets are designed by factory lawyers to self destruct (see the attached images of the stages of decay) if you were to snag them on a wheat thresher, barbed wire fence or the clutches of a rabid Marmoset. Yes- they are designed to give way and release you from harm... usually at the worst possible and inopportune moment.

By using a bit of BUNGEE Cord and some soft tubing, you can improve your shoes to CROC 2.0

Step 1: End Result Will Look Nicer on Your Feet, Not Mine!

Here is a double loop end result

Step 2: Softer Feeling Straps Than the Originals for Sure!

Get yourself some soft comfy tubing, you'll need about 8" or so for each set, depends on your feet! I bought this at American Science and Surplus, but any auto parts or hardware will have some for you.

Step 3: Tubing: So Many Choices

Just pick a soft cushy tubing that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling when it rolls on your heels. I've even used that hard clear PVC tubing they sell at the hardware, but I got this stuff at American Science and Surplus (a place you should check out!) where I get most of the stuff I make other stuff out of. Whatever- just get some nice soft tubing.

Step 4: Bungee! (Not the Kind You Jump Off Bridges With)

Now for the BUNGEE Cord.

You can buy it at fabric stores, camping supply, or just canibalize it from an automotive luggage tie down. I got this stuff from the outside of some roller duffel bags. I kind of like the 1/8" stuff, but the fat stuff works okay, too.

Step 5: Playing With Fire, Baby!

Keep the Bungee from fraying by sealing the ends. Hey kids- go get mom for this one- it can really start to burn and because the core is rubber, it drips VERY hot globs of goo. The idea is to cause the nylon outer casing to quit fraying and glump up. Don't get carried away- it's a waste of rubber and it really stinks- BIG TIME!

Step 6: Rivet Removal Revealed

They just pop out. Obviously, you're reading this because ONE of your rivets has gone bye-bye (or you're really bored). The trick is to get the remaining ones out without destroying the shoe. You can have your dog just chew them out with you, or read on.....

Step 7: Surgery

It's pretty easy to remove the pins that haven't yet given up the ghost. If you twist and pry them off, you run the risk of damaging the shoe. Just snip them off with one of those kitchen scissors that you can cut Kryptonite with.

Step 8: Thread the Noodle

Loop the bungee through as shown

Step 9: How Snug, Exactly?

You can pass it through the tubing double for extra springiness... not so firm a hold. It's personal preference, you'll have to play with it to decide.

Step 10: Behold! the SQUARE KNOT ! Know It, Love It.....

This is especially useful for tying the bungee into a loop configuration. Tie it wrong and it becomes a "granny knot" which really is bad bongos.

Step 11: The FIGURE EIGHT Knot

If you want to run only one course of bungee (instead of doubling it back) here's a way to keep it from pulling through the hole... a FIGURE 8 KNOT

Step 12: Test for Lengh

Give it a test tug. This is about how snug I like them to be.

Step 13: CROCs C.S.I. - Catastrophic Failure Analysis

The four distinct stages of CROCs rivet blowout. They are designed to fail and let loose if snagged on something... for your safety.

Step 14: Any Way You Want It

There you have it- single cord or doubled through... it's up to you.

Step 15: The End Result- Have It As You Like It

Here are single run bungee straps as well as the double. The double is just a bit more springy offering more tension.