Ok well for off just want to say hello to you my Guitar Hero friends. I decided to change my last post and update it a little more. But for all you new viewers, I am a big Guitar Hero Fan I decided to make my own Guitar (probably sense I became a true fan) with a twist. My plan is to make a completely custom Guitar, but not like your normal custom. I am an outdoor nut&so I thought what better way then to make a custom Guitar out of a stick. Yeah it is going to take me sometime, but I have a true love for Guitar Hero and wanted to show off my ideas and plans to my fellow Guitar Hero Fans. But this project will take me some time it involves a lot of custom woodwork and time, but I will be adding pictures throughout my project. I look forward to hearing your comments and opinions.

Thank you for checking out my custom Guitar Hero plans :)

Peace out my fellow Guitar Hero friends :)

Step 1: Pictures

These are a few pictures there will be many more to come in the near future. First picture of course is plans that I designed (please be kind I am not artist), but you get the idea :). The other two pictures are are just to give you an idea of what I am up to. I am removed all the bark, but still much more wood carving to come. Thanks again friends..