Hi Firends, this is my first instructable,  the main objective is just modify the taillight cover, dont modify the electrical settings, etc etc very simple to make any newbie can do it, you can also write your name on tail light, many people stick their name sticker outside tail light which looks very unprofessional and does not illuminiate properly at night. This method will be very useful in modifying the tail light cover.

SO lets get to business:

Take out tail light cover of your bike , car.

1) Sticker Paper - 10 Rs (bought 2 for safety but used hardly 1/4 of A4 size

2) Sand Paper - 10 Rs, bought 2 for safety but hardly used 1/4 th i dont know if sandpaper is required or not, but read in one internet forum as the inside surface of tail light is smooth spray paint might not stick to it so to make it little rough use sandpaper, you can also try without sand paper...

3) Spray Paint - Black Color (any hardware or automobile shop) checked out some 2-3 shops and finally bought F1 brand spray paint, 110 rs for 450 ML, indian brands were around 300 rs for 400 ML so went for cheap,

Thats all rest are regular paper, tape, etc etc etc...

wash and clean thoroughly the cover and let it dry, then take printout of your favorite design on sticker paper and keep it ready. Next using sandpaper make inside of whole cover rough,, .

Now using newspaper fully cover the outer of cover as we will be painting from inside and dont want the paint to spread outsid,e also in inside of the cover apply sticker paper, flairings, etc etc especially cover the number plate illuminiator (i.e the plain glass part) which illuminites the number plate this you can cover using black electrical tape as its of more or less same size, so now after you have covered all the required areas start spraying now this is the most difficult part like if you want only smoked tail lights then you have to spray very less dense, or if you want design like me spray fully and carefully depening on instructions in spray can.

One coat is enough i just sprayed dash dash and thats all then immediately touched up the non sprayed areas and let it remain overnight, next day took out the newspaper and now very carefully take out the sticker paper so that your design is in plain red color i.e color of cover,,, i goofed in this only, my design was little tough, one big star surrounded by small stars and two flairings on left and right.. in this if you by mistake scratch the black part cover it with black electrical tape as spraying paint again might spoil your design as spray paint sprays all over... thats all your design is now ready,,, have to yet test it ,, and dont know whether heat of bulb might melt the spray paint or not ;( anyways looks good... im posting only final product photos taken in home tubelight... room

Sorry i have only finished product photos and not the process photos , ;(

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Welcome to Instructables!

    This is such an awesome idea! It would be really helpful as a step by step. Let me know if I can be of help.