Introduction: CUTTING BOARD 101

How to make the cutting board seen in the picture.


Cut the pieces you need on the tablesaw and miter saw

The 4 pieces you need are:

Walnut - 14" X 3.5"

Walnut - 14" X 1"

Hickory - 14" X 2"

Hickory - 14" X 1.5"

Step 2: Glue Your Pieces Together

Use a wood glue to glue your four pieces together. Try and make it as straight as possible and then clamp them. Leave them overnight or until it's dry.

Step 3: Put the Cutting Board Through the Planer

Go through as many times as needed to make sure the board is as straight as possible.

Step 4: Sand

Sand your cutting board till it's smooth and you fell no rough edges. We also decided to round our corners.

Step 5: Cut the Corners + Drill Hole

We cut two corners that were opposite of each other. We measure 4" in from both sides and then cut it off on the miter saw. Drill a hole in the corner using the drill press. We made our hole 1.5" diameter

Step 6: Oil the Cutting Board

This last step will make your cutting board look a lot nicer and the woods will stand out more significantly. Make sure the oil is edible.