Introduction: Cabinet Door Pockets

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These pockets are made especially for cabinet doors but they can also be hung on a wall if you prefer.
You can use it as an organizer for postcards, letters, bills, menus, etc. I bet that everybody has paper mess somewhere...this is the right place to organize and hide it!

Step 1: What You Need:

  • big plastic bag
  • wadding
  • glue stick / super glue / double-sided tape
  • scissors / cutter
  • ruler
  • pencil
For the decoration:
  • trimmings
  • strings

Step 2:

Take your bag and cut out the bottom of it and the handles as you can see in the first 2 pictures.

Now you have a piece of plastic that will let you work better.

Draw then cut two rectangles 45x50cm (17.71 x 19.68 inches). I made them pretty big because that measure is perfect for the door of my cabinet, but if yours is smaller then cut smaller rectangles.

Step 3:

Take one of the rectangles you have just cut and put a thin layer of wadding on it leaving a 2/3cm frame free (1.18 inches). My wadding is about 7mm thick (0.27 inches) and that was soft enough for me.

Take your other rectangle and put it on the other one to close it.
Glue the sides of it with the other rectangle's frame. I used double-sided tape for this, but you can use glue too.

You will obtain something like a thin pillow with a frame around it.

Step 4:

Cut the 4 angles of the frame and bend the sides (look at the pictures). Secure with glue.

Step 5:

Put your "pillow" aside for a while now.

Take the rest of your plastic bag and cut other 4 rectangles 13x39cm (5.11 x 15.35 inches). The longest side is about the length of the short pillow side plus 2cm (leaving the frame out).

Step 6:

Cut all the angles of the rectangles (just like you did before) and bend the sides (about 1cm / 0.39 inches). Do NOT glue all of them this time, glue just one of the longest sides for each rectangle. So leave the other 3 free. You will glue them to the "pillow" in the next step.

These will be the pockets!

Step 7:

Take your pillow back!
Now it's time to glue your pockets on it, one above the other.
You must glue the 3 bent sides to the pillow leaving the other one at the top. This way you will be able to put things inside your pockets.

Step 8:

Your cabinet door pockets are ready!
All you need to do now is decorating it.

I put red trimmings on the frame and on the opening side of each pocket.
Then I cut some red strings and glued them on the pockets creating different shapes, you can see everything in the pictures! :)

Now it's ready to hang on the cabinet door and contain all your paper mess! :D

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