Introduction: Cabinet Opener - Kick to Open

Here's a super simple mechanism that will allow you to open a trash cabinet door hands free. This is great for throwing away things when your hands are full or dirty and you'd rather not dirty up the cabinet door.

CHECK OUT the video to see the mechanism working!

Step 1: Here's What You'll Need...

Here are the basic components of this mechanism.... but all the sizes and hardware can be adjusted to use what you might have on hand. This is what I used but other combinations will work too:)

Corner Bracket

7" long 3/8" bolt with smooth shank (threaded will work too)

4" long 1/4" bolt with two nuts

Drill bits: 1/4", 5/32", 3/8"

Machine Screws with nuts (5/32 or size small enough to extend through the 3/8" bolt)

Spring (this was from my scrap drawer but any similar spring will do)

Loctite and a Block of wood that matches your cabinets

Step 2: Drilling Some Holes

-Drill a 5/32" hole through the middle of the 3/8" bolt and a 1/4" hole at the bolt end (see pics). These will need to be at perpendicular directions (90 degrees from one another)

-then drill holes through one side of the corner bracket as shown. One will act as a pivot for the 3/8 bolt and the other will be a mount for the spring. These do not need to be perfectly exact to the picture but should be generally close. These holes will allow the bolt to pivot and the spring to provide reset tension on the mechanism.

Step 3: Assembling Your Pivot

Assemble the 3/8" bolt and bracket as shown in the pics.

Then drill a hole through the end of the 1/4" bolt... this will be where the spring will attach.

Step 4: Adjusting Your 'pusher' and Spring Reset

Push the 1/4" bolt through the hole in the 3/8" bolt and adjust with the 1/4" nuts. This will be the part of the mechanism that pushes out the cabinet door. The 1/4" nuts are used to hold it in the adjusted place that moves your cabinet door but still allows it to close.

After the 1/4" bolt is set in place you can now connect your spring to the bracket and the drilled end of the 1/4" bolt. Use the other 5/32" machine screw to attach the other end of the spring to the bracket.

Step 5: Final Assembly

You can now drill a 3/8" hole in the block of wood and then thread your block onto the bolt. The mechanism is now ready to install.

Step 6: Drill 1" Hole in Cabinet Floor Board

Now you'll need to drill a 1" hole in between the edge of the cabinet and the kick plate that is underneath the cabinet. Make sure it is in an area that can both strike the inside of the cabinet door, as well as allow movement of the block of wood.

Step 7: Install the Mechanism

You can now fasten the mechanism over the hole in a fashion that allows free movement of the bolt that is protruding through the floor board. After this is screwed in you can now thread the block of wood on the bolt.

Step 8: Adjust and Test... Now Your Done!

This is what it should look like. Now is the time to adjust so that a foot tap will push the door open.

You're now done and should be able to throw things away in the trash can hand free!

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