Introduction: Cabinets Out of Shoeboxes!

Step 1: Hi!

I did this because I wanted a cabinet for my art materials and we just went shoe shopping and my mother was just planning to throw the shoeboxes away.
There's no instructable or a how-to in Google in how to make a cabinet from shoeboxes when I searched, and I'm happy to have thought of this.


-a pen
-even number of shoeboxes!

Step 2: First, You Get the Bigger Shoebox.

You should have a bigger shoebox and a smaller shoebox, not such a big difference in size, just that the smaller shoebox should fit in the bigger shoe box.

Step 3: Then, You Measure the Smaller Shoebox's Outer Length and Width on the Longer Side of the Bigger Shoebox .

You do this so that the smaller shoebox can act like a cabinet fitting inside a cabinet holder. Better to trace it with a pen.

Step 4: Then You Cut What You Have Measured.

Step 5: Then, If Your Smaller Shoebox Has a Cover Attached to It, Cut It or Take It Off.

Step 6: You're Almost Done!

Step 7: Get the Cover of Your Bigger Shoebox.

Step 8: Measure the Outer Length and Width of the Smaller Shoebox on the Side of the Cover.

Step 9: Cut What You Have Measured.

Step 10: Put the Cover of the Bigger Shoebox on the Shoebox Itself...

....and you're done!

Step 11: Personalize.

You can use paint, washi tapes, or gift wrappers, or you can leave it as it is.

Step 12: What Now?

You can make more shoebox cabinets and stack them on top of each other! Glue them together :)

Add handles for easier opening!

This was fun to do, God bless and give God all the glory! :)