Introduction: Cable Management Case

So I wanted an easy to store and easy to carry case for cables for a camera  iPod, some flash memory, and to hold my external hard drive. I started this and then thought of turning into an Instructable. This is what I used. Do as you see fit.

Materials :
GPS case
nylon fabric (mine was from an old pair of pants but anything that wont fray or rip out will do)
needle and thread
twist ties
rings (bead shop)

First I glued a shirt on the inside of the case and then trimmed and sewed the edges to make it prettier. I tied to sew the rings directly to the shirt, but the shirt just ripped out with the weight of the cable.

Step 1: Got Time?

For me I somewhat know how to sew, but not really. Anyway this took me a while to sew the edges of the shirt and the nylon fabric. Don't forget to glue the edges down after sewing. After that it was just a matter of sewing the rings on and using the twist ties to hold the cables/thumb drive.
The rings are sewn on opposite ends so it's not flopping around too much. You can use a needle or a pencil to mark where the rings need to be to work for you.

And the mesh pocket was nice to hold the external hard drive.
I've got another case that has a cavity to hold a speaker in it, and now I can make one that also holds a wireless mouse.Yea!