Introduction: Cable Tidy Is New (Nappy / Diaper Bag)

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In Australia, we call Diapers = "Nappies".
once you have stopped laughing :) I will show you how to turn a nappy bag holder into a handy cable tidy.

Back in the day, people used cloth nappies.  Now people are using paper based nappies.
These nappies contribute to landfill - like most parents I want to minimise the impact on the environment.

So I bought a Nappy wrapper, which is like a compactor bin (trashcan) for nappies (diapers).
This squeezes the nappies and provides for reduced volume in the bin/trash.
Picture attached!

The liners were spooled off a plastic former, which was emptied after a hundred nappies or so.

I thought.... what a waste!!! what can I do with such a product rather than chuck it out??

Step 1: Cable Ties

while sitting at the computer, the idea hit me...

I had many annoying cables! (phone, printer, laptop, monitor..)

How about turning the nappy spool wrapper into a cable tidy!

This helps the environment, and gets rid of annoying cables.  Win-win.


1. wait until the nappy liner has finished from the spool
2. don't throw the empty spool out.  place it on your computer desk.
3. take each cable and wrap it in the centre of the spool.
4. place relevant parts (plugpack power supplies, phones etc) in the middle
5. enjoy compliments and convenience at your tidy desk
6. smugly gloat about helping the environment.

Maybe there should be a 're-use the nappy bin spool' competition? I'm sure Huggies would get on board??

Step 2: What a Great Idea

this is so that i can bypass the instructibles underscore robot.
apparently i need more pictures in order to publish something which has a simple idea, no mods and no moving parts.

Step 3: And Finishing With Dessert

here is a big raspberry for the instructibles robot.  Enjoy!