Introduction: Cable Guide From Tube

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Sometimes your electronic project requires you to have long cables and wires all over the place but cleanliness is next to godliness. Some say that the look or the composition of your project reflects your very own personality.

This instructable describes an easy and cheap way to make cable guides.
So let's get those moving CNC wires or mad-wire projects guided up!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

  • Scalpell (or other knife with long sharp blade)
  • Wooden stick (that fits inside the tube)
  • Cutting pad

  • Tube

Tubes in different colors and diameter should be available at every home improvement market.

Step 2: Round and Round

First thing you want to do is to put the tubing over the wooden stick or push the wooden stick inside the tube. Just what pleases you the most.
Now take your blade and "roll" it in a spiral way over the tube. The wooden stick serves as a good cutting surface.
Depending on the pitch of the cutting line the tube gets more flexible with shorter cut intervals and more stiff with wider intervals.

The more preasure you apply with the knife now the better. Else you will have to rework as the tube is not completely ut.

Step 3: Warp It Up !

Once the cutting is done the tube can simply be coiled around the lose wires. There is no need to unplug or desolder the wires which is quite handy.
Cable guides are especially usefull for securing moving parts like in CNC projects.

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