Introduction: Cable/Zip Tie Bracelet/Bangle

Step 1: Making the Base

Thread a zip tie and pull it through a little - make sure not too much. Make your hand as small as possible, or as small as you would like to make it to take it off and put it on. Place the base tie around the point of your hand which is the widest and tighten so you can slip it on and off. Tighten to preference, but remember the tighter it is, the harder it will be to get on and off.

Step 2: Making the "Beads"

The bracelet will be made of the main hole in the cable tie, which the rest of it goes through - the head. The bravely will be made of these little nodules by tightening other zip ties around the base tie and cutting off the ends.

To make a nodule, hold the head of the tie to the base tie, and loop the chord around the base tie and back through the tie, holding the head of the tie to the base, once the loop is small. You will want to align the heads of the ties as you add them on, so try keeping the body of the tie touching the base tie as you thread. Also it looks nice if you make sure the ties are the same way up, but you can alternate between up-facing and down-facing ones to create a more vibrant effect. You could also try alternating colours to make the piece really vibrant. After you have threaded and tightened the tie, cut off the end to form a nodule.

Step 3: Filling It Out

Repeat step two until the whole base tie is threaded with ties. If there is an odd space at the end, either pull the base tie through until the gap is gone, or release the base tie a little with a pin, pushing/pulling back the little tooth inside the mouth of the tie, away from the little notches on the tie, and pulling the body back a little (while still maintaining pressure on the tooth).

Step 4: Final Adjustments

The bracelet will the bent in a oval shape, as the tie goes into the back of the head, not the side. Bend the side of the bracelet which curves, back against the head of the base tie, until the bracelet is circular.

Cut of the body of the base tie, close to the head and you're good to go!