Introduction: Cactus 3D Greeting Card Fridge Magnet

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Are you bored of common greeting cards? I've made this 3D greeting card cactus that is also a fridge magnet! It can stand alone also for decoration, and underneath it there is a hidden drawer that you can easily pull out with the little wooden button, and reveal your message to the receiver!

You'll need:

- a printer

- a A4 card stock paper, at least 250gr. I use craft recycled paper sheets, because I like the effect and texture. But any white paper, over 250gr would be fine!

- an x-acto knife

- glue stick, double sided tape, tape gun or any other glue for paper

- hot glue gun

- dried out ball point pen, bone folder, a scissor tip or other tool for scoring folding lines

- a small wooden button

- a pair of scissors

- a small ruler to use as a steady guide

- a piece of foam paper

- a piece of white paper and a marker

- a small magnet

- some tiny clothes pins (optional)

First thing you have to do is print the A4 pdf file I have included.

Step 1: Score the Lines

Then you have to score every black dotted line. I use a scissor tip, it's quite effective.

Step 2: Cutting Out

Cut out every piece around and one of the three available cactus figures. Use a scissors for small parts.

Step 3: Making the Hidden Drawer

Start folding every scored line and then apply glue to every tip to assemble the drawer. Use small clothes pins for more pressure if you like.

When ready, put the small magnet in the center, and pure some hot glue to make it steady. Then take the last piece, fold every side, apply some glue on each tab and place it inside the drawer to hide the magnet.

Take the small button, apply some hot glue and place it in front of the drawer. That would be its handle.

Step 4: Making the Pot

To make the pot, fold every tab of this piece, and apply glue to secure the two upper tabs. Then, apply glue to the rest three tabs, and secure them on the indicated spots on the cactus. Use something thin and hard (I use the tip of a broken paintbrush) to push it a little bit more inside, to secure them even more. The cactus is almost ready!

Step 5: The Message

Cut a small piece of your foam paper, apply glue and place it in the middle of the drawer. Draw a small speech bubble with your message, cut it out and glue it on the small piece of paper foam inside the drawer. This will add a 3D effect on the speech bubble.

Step 6: And... It's Ready!

Place the drawer inside the cactus and it's ready!

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