Introduction: Caesar Cipher

A quick, and useful tool for basic encryption. The Caesar Cipher makes a fun game too!


- A protractor.

- A ruler.

- A large sheet of cardboard.

- A pin.

- A utility knife, or scissors.

- A cat, for testing if your cipher works.

Step 1: Measure the Two Circles.

Use your protractor, and measure out a six-inch radius for a total 12-inch diameter circle. Then, measure out a five-inch radius with a 10-inch diameter circle. Finally, cut out the two circles from the cardboard.

Step 2: Attach and Divide the Two Circles

Take the two circles and insert the pin in the middle of the two circles, attaching them and folding the legs back. Now, mark a line in the middle, then on the other side. Keep dividing and marking until you have 32 sections.

Step 3: Filling in the Numbers and Letters

Finally, fill in each section with A-Z. With the extra sections, add in the numbers.

Great! You're done, have fun with your Caesar Cipher!

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