Introduction: Calculate Gas Milage

So you purchased a car thinking you would be getting that sweet 35 miles per gallon (MPG).

Ever wonder how accurate that really is?

Your MPG has a few factors such as traffic, driving style, and weather.

Here I will provide you with the knowledge to figure your true MPG.

Step 1: Reset & Fill

It will take 2 trips to the gas station to calculate your MPG. You will not know your MPG until the 2nd time you fill up.

  • Pull up to pump
  • Set "Trip" milage to "0" or Document odometer reading

Note: Taking a photo with your phone is a great way to document your milage without worrying about loosing the information.

Step 2: Fill #2

Now that you have a full tank of gas, drive around! Just go about your business like you usually would.

Once it's time to fill up here are the next steps:

  • Document "Trip" milage or Odometer reading (If you did before)
  • Fill Tank
  • Document # of gallon filled

Step 3: Calculate MPG

Now that you have been tracking your milage and know how many gallons you just put in your tank, you have all the information to find your gas milage!


Miles Driven / Gallons Filled = MPG

  • If you tracked your odometer instead of using a your "Trip" setting, subtract original milage from current milage

24856 - 24642 = 214 miles

Gallon Used: 20

MPG = 10.7

Note: Your tank does not have to be completely empty for this to work. You could do this after driving 50 miles or so but will be more accurate the more miles you drive during your test.

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