Introduction: Calculator Watch

If you are under 15 have adult supervision you will be useing sharp object. You will also be useing hot objects.

Step 1: Supplies for Watch

1. 1 Sheet ofPaper

2. 1 Circuit Board from Calculator

3. 1 Screen from Calculator

4. 1 Small Battery

5. 1 Roll of Duck Tape

6. 1 Roll of Velcrow

7. 4 Copper wires

8. 4 Small Magnet

Step 2: Tools

1. Scissors

2. ecsacto knife

3. Hot glue gun

4. Soder

Step 3: Sizeing

1.Take the Circuit board and lay it on the sideways paper and mark the top and bottom.

2.Then cut on the mark lines.

3. Next take the Circuit board and do this once more.

4. You should end up with two strips.

5. Take the velcrow and wrap the soft side around your wrist.

6. Then take the pointy side and do the same.

Step 4: Case Makeing

1. Take the strips of paper and make a plus sighn with them.

2. Were they meet in the middle glue there with the Hot glue.

3. Then lay the Circut board at one end of the strips ad start rolling it the way the strip points.

4. When you get to the end of that one tape it with the duck tape.

5. Then roll the other strip, and tape it at the end.

6. Cover the whole case in duct tape.

Step 5:

1. Then place the screen on top of the case and cut around the screen with the ecacto knife.

2. atach one of the striped wires to the screen.

3. Then tape the screen in the hole without covering the center.

4. Next cut around three of the short sides of the case and open it.

5. Soder the screen wire to the circut board.

6. Then take the aaa battery and two wires and soder the two wires to the circuit board.

7. Take the paperclip and click it on the bulged side, and tape the other wire on the flat side.

8. Hot glue both the velcrow on the bottom of the case and tape it on to secure it.

9. Put it all in the case and tape it shut.

10. Strap it on and enjoy it. The End.

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