Introduction: Caldo De Marisco (Seafood Soup)

This recipe has been passed down from my family spanning 4 generations. It is my families personal version of a Mexican favorite "seafood soup (Caldo de marisco, or sopa de marisco)".

Step 1: Grocery List

1 onion
1 garlic
1 bag of carrots
1 pack of celery
1 bundle of parsley
1 bundle of cilantro
1 large can of chicken broth
1 large can of V-8
2 cans of diced tomatoes
Season all salt ( any brand as long as it's red)
2 bay leaves
Olive or avocado oil
White wine
All purpose flour

2 lbs of fish (Cod)
1/2 pound of bay scallops
1 lbs of shrimp
1/2 cluster of crab ( snow crab or blue)

***** bonus material*****

To make a Caldo Siete Mares ( soup of the seven seas).

1 mixed seafood blend

This extra step is not necessary, but adds an extra kick to the original recipe. See step 24

Step 2: Materials Need

1 stock pot or large soup pot
Large mixing bowls
Cutting board

Step 3: Chop Onion

Dice one whole onion and place in mixing bowl.

Step 4: Carrots

Dice carrots 4 whole carrots or use a full bag of French cut carrots.

Add to your mixing bowl along with the onions.

Step 5: Celery

After cleaning The celery. Select 5 to 7 stalks.

Chop celery and add to mixing bowl along with the carrots and onions.

Step 6: Parsley

Clean and mince whole bundle of parsley.

Add to vegetables in the mixing bowl.

Step 7: Cilantro

Clean and Mince whole bundle of cilantro.

add to the vegetables in the mixing bowl.

Step 8: Garlic

Mince four cloves of garlic.

Add to the vegetables in the mixing bowl.

Step 9: Begin Cooking

Let's begin cooking.

Set your stove to medium-high and place you stock pot.

Step 10: Combine Ingredients

Add 1 half stick of butter
2 table spoons of oil ( olive or avocado)
1 tablespoon of all purpose flour

And cook until golden brown

Step 11: White Wine

Add 1/2 cup of white wine to the mixture.

Allow it to simmer about 30 seconds.

It will roll to a rapid bowl so watch closely.

Step 12: Vegetables

I had all of the vegetables you collected in your mixing bowl. To the pot

Stir and cover for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Stir occasionally until the onions are translucent then proceed to the next.

Step 13: Bay Leaves

Take two bay leaves and cut two small slit and each then add to the cooking vegetables.

Step 14: Season All Salt

Add 3 tablespoons of season all salt to the cooking vegetables.

* note*

While you're cooking make sure to check for the onions to be ready they will look translucent. When they are translucent proceed to the next step.

Step 15: Diced Tomatoes

Open both cans of diced tomatoes. Empty the entire contents without draining into the cooking pot along with your other cooking vegetables.

Step 16: V-8 or Vegetable Juice

Open one large can of V8 and empty contents into the soup pot

Proceed to the next up

Step 17: Chicken Broth

Add one large can approximately 32 ounces of chicken broth to the cooking pot and stir.

Let the pot come to a rolling boil.

Note now is the time to begin cutting your seafood and prepping the seafood for the pot.

Step 18: Fish

Cut 2 pounds of fish into 2 inch cubes and add to the boiling pot.

I prefer to use cod or any other white fish that does not flake and fall apart. Please don't use catfish or tilapia they do not work with the soup.

Step 19: Crab

Cut one crab cluster by separating each leg. Then cut each leg in half right after the second joint.

Place crab inside the boiling pot.

Allow the crab and fish to boil and cook for approximately 20 minutes.

*Note* for those planning to make "Caldo Siete Mares" now is the time to add the seafood mix blend. See step # 24.

Step 20: Bay Scallops

After the crab and fish have boiled for 20 minutes.

Add the bay scallops to the boiling pot.

Proceed to the next step.

Step 21: Shrimp

The shrimp are the last item to add to the pot. The are delicate and can be over cooked.

Wait for the celery to be completely cooked before adding the shrimp.

Step 22: Reduce Heat

Let the shrimp cook about 5 min then remove from heat or reduce to the lowest setting.

Step 23: Presentation

Serve with a side of tortilla chips and a lime wedge.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long recipe, I hope you enjoy the soup. If you like it come back and vote.

Step 24: Caldo 7 Mares

This step is not necessary if you are simply making Caldo de marisco.


Add the seafood mix

If you can't find a pre-made mix
Oysters, octopus, squid, clams or any other seafood you would like to add can be added.

Return to step # 20

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