Introduction: California Rolls

Hello!Today I will be teaching you to make California Rolls.California Rolls are originated in Japan.Hidekazu Tojo was the person who created California Rolls. Tojo moved to Vancouver in the 1970s.In most Japanese cafes or restaurants,the sushi roll would be inside out.(With the rice on the outside but the seaweed on the inside.)BUT MY FAMLY MAKES IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!!!!!!!


Nori(AKA seaweed)




Cooked Rice

Rice vinegar

Bamboo mat(used to roll up sushi)

Step 1: Cooking Egg

Crack four eggs into a bowl and beat the eggs until they are fully yellow.After beating the egg,heat up pan and oil pan and then pour eggs.Pour the egg like you're making a pancake.Move the egg in every direction.Just pick up a corner and let the liquid come into that part of the egg.Do that to all the sides.

Step 2: Cooking Spam+Crab Sticks

If the pan looks dry, then pour oil and place spam and crab sticks into the pan.Move it every few minutes.I mean cooking does take a long time.It is cooked once it looks darker.Flip it once it looks redder.Take it out to cool.Once it cools,start cutting into long strips.

Step 3: Before Rolling Sushi.

Place ingredients into bowls and cut avocado into long strips.Pour rice vinegar on to rice and mix well.Place bamboo mat on the table or whatever your work space is.Place the seaweed on top of the bamboo mat.Use Rice spoon and pick up some rice and spread onto seaweed.Keep rice 1 inch away from the edges.Then place your favorite ingredients.Place it close to the middle but not in the middle.

Step 4: Rolling Sushi

After placing ingredients start pulling the bamboo mat over the first few inches and then squeeze it.Make sure it is hard enough,push ingredients closer to the inside on each side.Push it closer to the end and squeeze again.Roll it again and squeeze it.Take the bamboo mat off the sushi roll and start squishing it.Start cutting it from the sides(the ends),then cut the middle.And Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 5: Enjoy!

In this instructables,I learned that just by watching someone do something like make soup,You might think it is easy to do and make but that's not true.Some problems that got into my way was spreading the rice onto to the seaweed.I took a long time,then the seaweed got moisty.My family likes to put spam but in the original California rolls,there is only eggs,crab sticks or imitation crab meat,and avocado.