Introduction: Call of Work

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Hi , sometimes it made more difficult to work from home. Working for 20 or 30 minutes we get bored . It is good to take a break for 2 minutes after work for 20 or 30 minutes. While taking rest we forgot about time to returned to work. So, this device will help you to back to work. For this reason I named my project "CALL OF WORK".This device will help you to maintain the time.


To make this we need:

1. Buzzer 2.IR Sensor 3. Arduino Uno 4.Bread board 5. Double sided tape 6.Black tape 7.Connecting Wires 8.Pieces of cardboard paper 9.Knife

Step 1: Cap Making

Make a cap like this . That can be fitted on your laptop screen .

Step 2:

Now fit the IR Sensor on the cap , look like this. This sensor sense that you are in front of laptop or not.

Step 3: Circuit Connection

1. Output from the IR Sensor connected to the digital pin no 6 . VCC to the 5 volt output of the arduino uno board and GND to the GND point of the arduino uno board.

2.Buzzer's positive terminal to the digital pin no. 8 of the arduino uno board and negative terminal to the GND of the arduino uno board.

Step 4: Arduino Program :

void setup()






void loop()















Step 5: Conclution:

Make this easy project at home and don't lose your valuable time . Enjoy your "WORK FROM HOME" . Thank you,

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