Introduction: Calligraphy (Chancery Italic Hand)

This Instructable will show you how to write calligraphy. This is a skill not many modern people have, but it's fun and easy once you know how!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

  • Calligraphy Pens
  • Ink (if doesn't come with pens)
  • Paper (any kind works)

I will be using Shaeffer brand calligraphy pens which I purchased from Michael's arts and crafts store. These are easy to use and come with many different colors of ink, which can add an extra touch of fun to your art. For the purposes of this demonstration, I will only be using black ink.

This particular calligraphy set comes with three different pens, each with a different size of pen tip, which I have demonstrated above. I will be using the medium-sized pen below.

Step 2: How to Hold the Pen

How you hold a calligraphy pen is important because of how the tip of the pen is shaped. Always remember to keep your hand at a 45 degree angle, or the ink won't flow smoothly from the pen. Other than that, you can hold it like you would a pencil.

Step 3: Learning the Chancery Italic Hand

The Chancery Italic Hand is one of the more simple calligraphy hands, so it's great for beginners. Refer to this helpful chart when you form your first letters.

Step 4: Forming Your First Letters

Each letter in the Chancery Italic Hand requires multiple strokes with the pen, with a full separation between pen and paper between each stroke. Here, I am forming an uppercase "H". First, I start with the left stem of the "H". Calligraphy letters often involve extra flourishes, which makes them more attractive to look at. Second, I form the right stem of the "H", and third, I finish by connecting the two stems together. Once you have completed a letter, you can move onto the next, until......

Step 5: Your First Words! have completed your first words in the Chancery Italic Hand! With enough practice, you will feel comfortable writing this way. Knowing calligraphy can add extra flair to art, birthday or Christmas cards, or even wall decor. The only limit is your imagination!