Introduction: Callum's Awesome Coat-Hanger

This coat hanger is a simple coat hanger, however it will add style to your house. It is modern, funky and generally quite eye catching. I personally am one of those people who suffer from 'always having a messy bedroom', or at least, I always DID have a messy room. Now thanks to the coat hanger, I can pick my coat up of the floor, and put it where it should be. But this isn't JUST about me. You yourself can put it wherever you want in your house, personalise it, and magically, it will keep that area tidy, WITH STYLE! I really recommend you try this product and I hope you enjoy building it. Thank you.

Step 1: Step 1: Paper Template

Tools you need: paper, scissors, ruler

1) Mark out lines using a pencil and a ruler from the info from your sheet.

2) Check your drawings and measurements.

3) Cut along lines with the scissors.

4) Fold your net into the preferred shape.

Step 2: Step 2: Metal Peg

Tools you will need: Scriber, engineer's square, odd leg callipers, steel ruler, centre punch, hammer, spring dividers

1) Mark out the drawing and measurements with a ruler and pencil.

2) Check the measurements to see if they are right.

3) Mark out template using the scriber and steel ruler.

Step 3: Step 3: Making the Hook

What you will need: Vice, saw, file, pencil, drill, clamp, hammer
1) draw around your template onto a sheet of metal (including folding bits)
2) Saw out your metal template which will be held in the vice
3) file down sides so the aren't sharp
4) Make a hole in the middle of the template using a drill
5) Clamp a side of the template you need bent and place it in a vice. Then hit the template gently with a hammer so it bends
6) Do the other sides that need to be bent, and make sure they are all bending in the same direction

Step 4: Making the Wood Backboard

Things you need:
1) belt saw
2) marker
3) pencil
4) tri square
5) Japanese saw
6) 2 pieces of wood
7) studs
8) pva glue
9) sand paper.


1) pick two perfect rectangles (ash, oak, berch)
2) draw a line on each of the pieces of wood to make perfect squares
3) measure the side of the side of each piece of wood and set the marker at half of that length
4) mark a line along the piece of wood
5) mark off the bits that need to be cut off to make a lap joint with a pencil
6) cut down to half-way with your hand saw on each peice of wood (along the pencil line)
7) use the belt saw to cut off the rest of the square on each piece of wood
8) glue both of your pieces of wood together with pva
9) draw two dots at 1/3s of one of your wood sides

10) Use a drill to make 10mm diameter holes that you marked

11) Put PVA glue in the holes and then hammer in 10mm dowels into them

12) Let it sit for 1-2 hours

13) Oil both sides of the wood backboard

14) saw off ends of dowels

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Things you will need:

1) oil

2) PVA glue

3) belt saw

4) hand-held drill

5) power drill


1) Mark 2 points in 1/3s along the way of one piece of wood

2) Cut off two bits of wood with a belt saw that are the same size

3) Make holes where you marked that are the same diameter as the wooden poles

4) Put glue in the holes

5) Hammer in the wooden poles

6) Let them dry for 1-2 hours

7) file off edges

8) Mark a hole on the other side of the backboard at half-way

9) Put your metal hook over that hole

10) Drill a screw threw your metal hook and into the backboard where you made the mark

11) Oil the whole coat hanger one last time

12) You are done