Introduction: Camcorder Floor Shot Pole

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Shooting a movie for fun or family can get boring with the all too overused hand held or tripod shot. Why not mix it up a little? Creating footage shot inches away from the ground, without contorting your body into awkward poses, can be an easy way to get that shot of anything below the knees. With the Floor Shot Pole, you can stand and actually shoot footage from ground level, with ease and precision at almost no cost. Use the Floor Shot Pole to capture a baby crawling on the floor, without having to crawl with them. Use it to assist filming your new black lab puppy as it plays with a ball twice it's size. The Floor Shot Pole can put you at the level of the subject being filmed, capturing important memories with even more quality and detail.

Step 1: Materials

This list of materials is very short and open to many customizations

-camera tripod with removable and adjustable camera pipe.

-compression coupling for camera pipe, metal preferable, plastic will usually work (usually 3/4")

-length of rigid pipe with equal diameter of camera pipe, try to stay away from plastics and go with aluminum or copper (waist high is long enough)

-90 degree elbow with equal diameter of rigid pipe

-camera with tripod mounting tap

Step 2: Assembly

This assembly is pretty straightforward and 100% customizable depending on your height and camera holding preferences.

1. Cut the rigid pipe to knee length
2. Solder/glue/attach 90 degree elbow to one end of the pipe
3. Attach desired amount of remaining pipe to the 90 degree elbow
      - the remaining pipe is where you will hold the camera pipe from, so attach the remaining                 pipe and trim as necessary.
4. put the long pipe and the camera tripod pipe into the ends of the compression fitting.

Step 3: Finished Product

Looking at my finished product, you can see that this is a simple yet useful tool you can use, without having to destroy a several hundred dollar tripod. Depending on the materials that you used, the cost is minimal, especially if you have it all laying around. There are many customizations that you can add to this, such as an attachment for a remote, different handles, or counterweights. Let me know if you have any ideas you would like me to try and work out.

Catch you next time,