Introduction: CamelBak Hose Extension

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Drinking Bladders are designed to be carried low on your hips in a central position to help maintain pack balance.(with the bladder emptying from top to bottom along this axis.)

Being nice and tall, when i install my Drink Bladder into my much larger overnight hiking pack, the hose length is predictably way shorter and while i can still reach it, does make it harder to use.

So i solved the problem with and extension:-) ( made all the more easier by the CamelBak quick link system.

What you to convert a CamelBak

  • 1 x length of replacement CamelBak hose to suit your bladder. (Diagram A)
  • 1 x CamelBak Quick Link Conversion Kit (Diagram B)
  • Nice sharp Pocket knife or scissors

If you don't have a CamelBak, and like me you regularly swap between to sizes bags - either by a CamelBak and follow the CamelBak instructable or, get 2 lengths of CamelBak hose, and 2 Quick link convertors.

Step 1: Convert Away

  • Fill your CamelBak with water and place it in the drink bladder sleeve position in your pack, so the hose outlet is right at the bottom. Push your hose through the hose port into its normal position.
  • (if your pack is to old to have drinking bladder sleeve built in to it, check out my "pack update conversion here")
  • Measure how much additional hose you will need to make your current hose reach comfortably.
  • Take the New length of hose (NOT your current hose;-) and cut it to this length.
  • Install the two components of the quick connector set in to each end of the cut hose (called the male and female in engineering circles i believe?) (Diagram C)

Step 2: Connect

  • Pull your Drink Bladder out of your pack, disconnect the hose.
  • Plug in the right end of the new piece, then plug your current hose in to the other end and there you have it your done.
  • When i am not using my extension i pass it through a loop on the inside of my pack and clip the to ends together.

If your not using a CamelBak, and can get the extra parts with out to much cost ( salvage, or...)


  1. Make sure the internal diameter of your CURRENT hose fits the barbs on the CamelBak quick connect components nice and tight. If they do then;
  2. Build the extension hose as per the steps above, then;
  • Cut off your existing hose close to the bladder, with sufficient length to push in the barb of the 2nd female connector.
  • Push the 2nd Male connector into the freshly cut end of the rest of your current drinking hose.(Diagram E)
  • Plug your hose into the female connector for short configuration, or insert the extension hose for the long configuration.