Introduction: Camera Backpack Organiser

In this Instructable, i show how to use and old yoga puzzle mat in order to make an organizer for your camera gear that fits in any backpack that you have. Even you can use to store your gear safely.

The idea is simple, and can be modified to suit different sizes and shapes (backpack). With this method you can carry safely your camera gear, in addition with your lunch or your work stuff, so you don't need to carry two separated bags. At the same time, you can carry the gear "secretly" without call attention.

This project is totally free, and just took me around 30-45 minutes to completed. The results are far better than i expected, quite strong and providing a good protection for your gear.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials and the Tools


- Gym-Yoga Foam mat: i am using an old foam mat, with the puzzle shape, because is thicker than the typical yoga rolled mat. You can use what suit better for your project.

- Cutter: make sure is sharp enough.

- Ruler.

- Pen.

- Hot glue gun: (optional) once the structure is finished and all is assembled, is quite strong and doesn't required to glue it together, but like i am keeping all the time in the backpack i decided to glue it all together.

Step 2: Draw and Cut the Pieces

First of all, we need the dimensions of the camera or gear that we are thinking to keep inside, and also the size of our backpack.

So the layout of the box is the size of my backpack, and I made mine in order to keep a DSLR with a 24-120mm lens, and a 30-300mm lens.

We need to take in consideration the thickness of the foam as the assembly is gonna be female-male. Also i added extra foam in the side of the lens to give extra support and avoid the lens to move inside.

With all of these in mind, proceed to cut the pieces. I ended with 6 pieces for the box, 1 divider, and 2 smalls for extra protection of the lens.

Step 3: Build It Up

Once that we have all the pieces cut and ready, we just need to assemble the box, and if you prefer, glue it all together (except the top, we need to open the box)

We just need to place it in our backpack and ready to go!!

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