Introduction: Camera Blocker

Camera Blocker is a machine that would block your laptop's camera help you to get privacy while having a video call, or even ensure your safety from the internet. Unlike other blockers, my camera blocker can simply block and unblock the camera just in a push of a button. You don't have to tape your camera ever again!! Then you might ask, this is probably hard to make. But oppositely it is actually easy to make!! It only involves a motor, button, and an Arduino board!!! Also when you are having an online class you can u this for emergency privacy problems, for example when you have to go to the bathroom immediately you can use this machine to block the camera of your laptop


- Arduino board

- 1 button

- 1 motor

- 1 one computer to code your board

Step 1: Connect the Motor to the Arduino Board

First, connect the motor to the Arduino board. Connect the black cable on the motor to the negative charge on the breadboard. Then, connect the red line to the positive charge on the breadboard. Then the white cable to D3. Be sure to connect 5V to positive charge and GND to a negative charge. Or else your machine won't power. If you don't know how to connect all the cables follow the picture above. This would work for ALL Arduino boards. The resistor should be blue not orange.

Step 2: Connect a Button on to the Arduino Board

Then connect the button to D2. First put the button on the breadboard. Then connect one side of the button to the positive side. Then connect the other side with a resistance connect on side of the resistance to D2 the other side to the negative charge of the bread board.

Step 3: Adjust Your Machine

Adjust your motor size and stick a 4cmx4cm paper on the motor to block the camera. Also add a 30cm long and 10 cm wide box to put your Arduino inside it. Also, poke a hole with a radius of 2 cm outside the box to put the button inside it.

Step 4: Upload the Code Into the Arduino

Step 5: Test Your Machine and See If It Works

Be sure to make changes if needed, feel free to change the angle rotation in the code that you have just uploaded into your Arduino. Then you can have safe internet privacy!!