Introduction: Camera Holder

This is a super simple project that is perfect for the beginner

I'm going to show you how to build a camera holder via weaving so you can carry your camera easily and have more grip on camera This is a super fun project to make and you only need 2 thick thread, no glue or any other fancy tools or materials.

Step 1: Making Loop

Take 1 meter 2 thread make a loop on one end of the thread it should be big enough so the same thread can pass in the end easily

Step 2: Weaving

1st tape down the loops you made secure them tightly

2nd push left thread(blue) over the right thread

3rd push left thread underneath of red thread

4th now make a knot on the original side

follow the same pattern and stop before 10 cm

Step 3: Mounting and Use

after making the weave you can pass the thread from the loop we made in the start and tie the ends of thread onto one side of the camera

now you ready to go

enjoy clicking pic and have better control on your camera