Introduction: Camera Phone Tripod Mount

I have a small desktop camera tripod that I wanted to fix my phone to for taking pictures

This is another use for recycled wooden tea/coffee stirrers

Step 1:

Assemble the sticks to the thickness of the phone and glue them together

I find it easier to work in a smaller scale, glue them and clamp them together.
When these have set, then glue them all together and clamp

Step 2:

For the next part, I glued 2 sticks together as these will be the end pieces for the next layer

Glue the center sticks together and mark where the nut is going to be situated.
Cut the space using a small hacksaw or coping saw then sand to get a nice clean fit.

Step 3:

Glue the end pieces and nut together and clamp

When the glue has set, sand down the top and bottom of both layers to allow a clean joint between the top and bottom layers

Step 4:

Measure the phone and cut the base to size

Measure the uprights and cut so they are oversize. The uprights can be cut to size later.
Glue the uprights to the base and clamp.
**Make sure that you fit the uprights around the camera lens**

Step 5:

Repeat the process on the other side and leave a space for the camera on this side if you plan on using it for video chat/facetime/etc

When the glue set, I added another layer to the uprights, both front and back.
Cut to size and sand the whole unit down until the edges are smooth.

Fit to the tripod and enjoy your photography and avoid taking pictures of yourself with the camera at arms length!