Introduction: Camera Gun Stock

Do you photography? And do you love firearms? Well, here's a project that combines both of your hobbies! (sort of)

Here's a cheap and easy instructable that would you stabilize your camera with the help of a buttstock to help you with low light photography!

Step 1: Tool and Materials


- Ruler or any other measuring device
- Metal file
- Hack saw
- Drill
- Drill Bits


- A tripod ( The tripod WILL BE UNUSABLE after this project. So use one that is broken or one that you don't mind giving up for this project)
- PVC pipe with the external diameter of 27mm
- Butt stock ( I'm using a Magpul one here. You don't have to get the real one, just get a replica from an air soft shop. )
- Screws
 = 5 X Countersunk screw ( Be sure that the head of the screw is smaller then 8mm )
 = 2 X Round head screw

Step 2: Dissecting the Tripod

Step 1

Using the hacksaw, saw off the entire length of the thinnest tripod leg. Be sure to have at least 24cm or more. ( I removed the whole entire lengeth. You can do your own adjustments if you like yours to be longer)

Step 2

Remove the camera mount. 

Step 3: Drilling Time!

Follow the dimensions given and use you drill and add a few holes into the tripod leg.

Take note that the tripod leg is rather flimsy. so if you do not want to press to hard on the drill. I used smaller drill bits to make pilot holes so that the drill does not run about and it also lessens the pressure needed for the bit to cut.

After drilling, screw in the counter sunk screws in to the bar on to the PVC pipe. You do not need to drill the pipe as it's easy for the screw to penetrate the pipe and it also gives a tighter hold.

Step 4: Camera Mount!

Now attach the camera mount at the end of the pipe away from where the holes were drilled.

Make sure that the mount as parallel to the tripod leg as possible.

For the Magpul butt stock, i had some trouble releasing the pipe as there's a lock in the butt stock that did not go low enough to release pipe. So i added some epoxy to the latch to increase the height of the latch to lower the lock further when i pressed on it.

Step 5: The End Result!

If everything works out, you should have something like this!

A Camera butt stock that is fully adjustable!

Hoped you enjoyed this instructable!