Introduction: Camera to Multi-purpose Wallet/pouch

I had an old camera lying around, and I was a bit bored and thought I had'nt published an instructable for a while, so I came up with this. The idea is there are multiple compartments inside the camera/pouch and different things go in each. I designed the compartments to be friction-fit so you could make the compartments bigger and smaller.

Step 1: Hacking the Camera and Various Gluing

First, your camera shell shoud be in three parts. Take the middle part, which will probably have the battery compartment lid. Cut the other plastic off the compartment lid and the battery holder, making sure that the compartment lid can still open and then assemble everything together. To cover up the lens, take one of those end caps that come on cylindrical packages, and cut the circle of plastic out. Cut it a little smaller and glue it onto the inside of the camera, covering the hole where the lens would be. Then cut out some paper to glue onto the inside front of the camera. That makes it look nicer, don't you think?

Step 2: The Compartments and Lid

Cut strips of cardboard out that just fit inside the box that was made in the camera. Make sure they fit in just by themselves so no one needs to hold them. However, do not glue them in. If you have something that is too big for one compartment, you can just slide them back and forth! To make the lid cut a rectangle of paper out slightly longer than the screen space and cut out a small tab. Then glue the non tabbed end onto the camera so you can push the tab into the camera and close the lid. You are done! You can store anything you want in it. If you liked this Instructable, then look at some of my others.