Introduction: Camo Snapbow

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This is a Nerf Snapbow I made, and it shoots micros and stefans through the breech. I painted it with Rustoleum flat black and camo taped the body. Ranges: 100 feet, effective range about 50-70.

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EDIT: It now has an RSCB magazine!!! No pics yet, sorry. Also, forgot to say before, but it has a removable shoulder stock that is insertable by the modified 90 degree elbow you see by the rear of the gun. Complete clearance from the moving plunger handle.

BIG EDIT *PLEASE READ*: I DO NOT take credit for the basic mechanism of this gun. Rork on deserves the glory. Now, I built this about 2 years ago and since then there's been an updated, extremely easy to build (if you got a dremel, a few common tools, and a hardware store, you're good) new version on Nerfhaven right here.
It works like a nerf nitefinder, only large scale. You pull back the plunger to prime the spring piston inside, then press the trigger and the rubber plunger head springs forward, pushing out a volume of air, to the barrel and the dart, which flies out. JUST GO TO THE LINKED SITE.
I just added my own mods to it - the foregrip, black paintjob with camo tape, slightly modified plunger rod just using what i had, and iron sights. You can do whatever you like to make it look how you want it to. Just so long as it works.