Introduction: Camo in a Can

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If you're a hunter or just a red neck, camoflauge something in your ilfe is must.

This is my husband's manly anniversary present, or "Man-iversary" present, as he likes to call it.

You will need a weekend and some elbow grease for starters.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:

-A vehicle or anything in need of a new paint job
-Wet Dry Sandpaper
-Tack Cloth
-Masking Tape / Old Newspaper

-Flat Black Paint
-Camo Dark Brown Paint
-Camo Green Paint
-Camo Tan Paint
-Clear Coat

Step 2: Sand

Sand with Wet Dry sandpaper. You will need the sand the surface of your metal well. I mean really well. Sand until you get that old paint off.

Rinse well, then wipe down with your cloth. You will want to be able to run your fingers over the dry metal and have no residue.

Spray a bit of flat black in one spot, let dry and try to scratch it off. If it scratches off easily you should sand more!

Step 3: Paint Flat Black

Once your sanding is done, mask off all windows, lights, anything you don't want painted. You can customize this part.  I've seen everything but the windows camo'ed and I've seen just trim and accent pieces camo'ed. That's up to you.

Paint everything not masked flat black.

Step 4: Layers

To make your camo leaves, you need to pick out a good variety of leaves in your yard. Flat ones work best.
Start with your Dark Brown paint.  Hold a leave against the surface of the metal and spray over it. Lift up and you will leave a negitive of your leaf on the metal with a dark brown spray surrounding it. Do this to the whole object you're painting. Then repeat with green, and finally tan.

Also use twigs, sticks, the more variety of plant life, the better.

Step 5: Clear Coat

Clear coat  and let dry then peel off your masked areas.

(-This idea was not mine, I found it on youtube, but the technique I kind of made my own).

Enjoy your new camo'ed toy!