Introduction: Camouflage Your Rifle With a GunSkins Vinyl Wrap

About: GunSkins are Do-It-Yourself, high-performance vinyl wraps that can be applied to anything you want to protect and camouflage.

Hunters and soldiers have proven the effectiveness of camouflage for hundreds of years. When you're in the field, it would be dead give away if your stainless steel scope shines in sunlight or the black finish of your rifle sticks out against the natural colors of the environment like a sore thumb. With GunSkins, we believe there's protection in camouflage!

Using a DIY GunSkins vinyl wrap, adding camouflage to your rifle has never been so easy! Using a vinyl applications gives you, the user, control and flexibility to camouflage your gun however you wish, all the while being able to complete the project from the comfort of your home. The Rifle Skin will fit most rifles. The kit template comes with pre-cut pieces for a 3” x 29” barrel, 7” x 9” receiver, 7” x 19.5” forend, and two pieces for the butt-stock.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Before you begin, let's go through a brief list of tools that will help you install your gun skin. Aside from having your gun and Rifle Skin, you may also need:

  • A sharp hobby knife
  • Heat gun
  • Light duty degreaser
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Towel

Typical installations can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. Several razor blades may be required as the vinyl is very strong and a sharp blade is recommend throughout the entire installation. Heat Guns are recommended, but common blow dryers may also work as well. We suggest using a gun-specific degreaser, such as Froglube Cleaning Solvent or Gun Scrubber.

Step 2: Dissasemble and Degrease

The key to any successful GunSkin installation is degreasing and preparing your firearm/accessory. Ensure your rifle is set to safety and disassemble all parts you intend to wrap.

Use a gun specific degreaser that will remove all gun oil and debris. Scrub all areas that you intent to wrap with a brush and wipe down thoroughly to ensure no residue is left behind. Concentrate on recessed areas such as pic rails, grips and checkering, dirt and oil tend to settle in these areas.

Rubbing alcohol can be used as a final cleanup to remove any dust and ensure no residue is left behind. Allow the item to dry completely before installing the GunSkin. Remember a clean gun makes for a clean, hassle-free install.

Step 3: Peel & Stick

Rifle Skins are made from a durable adhesive vinyl, similar to the material used for vehicle wraps. We suggest peeling the first piece, labeled "Buttstock" and place it over the buttstock of your rifle. If the material isn't quite centered, simply peel it off and try again. The material is very forgiving and may be re-positioned as necessary.

Use a combinations of the palm of your hand and your fingers to press the material on the surface of your gun. Always start from one end and move to the other while pressing out air bubbles and smoothing all wrinkles. In order to properly wrap around curves and contours, hit the vinyl with an even source of heat from the heat gun. The heat causes the vinyl to become flexible, which will cause it wrap around edges very easily and seamlessly. Stretch the vinyl where applicable to ensure the best and smoothest installation.

Take your time. Do not rush the installation.

Step 4: Trim As Neccessary

Every rifle is unique and come in varieties of shapes and sizes. Rifle Skin pre-cut pieces enough material to make up for these differences. As you install each piece and encounter extra material hanging off the edge, take your sharp hobby knife and trim the excess.

Carefully trim the overlap or use the edge of the gun to cut along. Always angle the blade outward and away from you. When overlapping material, such as for the barrel, we recommend cutting the edges with a meandering "S" shape cut. This allows for the pattern to blend seamlessly. You can be creative and trim any emblems or serial numbers if you wish.

Step 5: Repeat and Finish Installation

The process of peeling, sticking, and trimming may be necessary for every piece in the Rifle Skin vinyl kit. When properly installed, the vinyl will create a seal and look as tight and seamless as a paint job. The texture and grooves of the gun will show through the vinyl, making it look as if it came from the factory with the camouflage.

Remember to take your time and do each piece individually. If you install a piece incorrectly, simply remove and try again. Don't be shy about using heat. The vinyl is heat activated, and when properly set it creates a water proof seal. There's a reason they're called "skins"!

Step 6: Post Heat!

Heating the Rifle Skin and pressing firmly with your hands helps to solidify the bond between the gun and the vinyl. We recommend spending at least ten minutes on this. The more time is spent on this step, the better the Rifle Skin will be able to protect your gun.

That's it! Congratulations to your gun, looking sharp in a new Rifle Skin.

However much camouflage you put on the gun is entirely up to you. Some people choose to wrap the entire weapon while others pick and choose to their taste. Wrapping a gun in camouflage will not interfere with the functionality of the firearm in any way. There is also no residue left over should you choose to remove the Rifle Skin.

Step 7: Video Installation

We've provided a video demonstration of the Rifle Skin installation.

Rifles Skins are only one of many different vinyl wraps available from GunSkins. The applications extend to shotguns, pistols, AR-15s, AK-47s, and pretty much any other firearm and accessory. All GunSkins vinyl wraps are waterproof and non-permanent. They serve the practical purpose of adding protection to both the firearm and the user. On top of that, they also make the gun look at least 10 times better.

They're a great alternative to gun dipping and come with a 5 year warranty. Hunters, military personnel, collectors, and gun enthusiasts will love to see their guns transformed from ordinary to extraordinary. See the Rifle Skin for yourself here and decide which of our 25+ camouflage patterns you like best!

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