Introduction: Camp Fire Grill

This grill top is meant to be put on top of a camp fire. This is to allow for someone to be able to cook with a pan or cook burgers when camping and not have to have a propane tank and a full grill. I saw this idea one day when I was in Walmart and thought it was great so I wanted to make my own just to have and use in the wood when I go on camping trips.

Step 1: What You Need

I used some iron rods and then cleaned and heated them so that it would be save to eat from. You will also need a safe place to have a fire pit and a fire. You also will need to have a welder so that you came combine all the pieces together. Next you will need you favorite food to grill and then start the fire set the grill on top and put your food down to grill.

Step 2: Failures

One thing I learned from this that you need to make sure that the grate is close together but also not to have super cheat burgers because they needed up falling throw the grate and breaking up (mostly because of the cheap burger meat).

Step 3: Things I Learned

I learned a lot about welding and how to make the welds sit flat and not bubble up. You need to know what temp and also how fast it needs to come out. After failing a lot I found the right settings and then they came out much better!

Step 4: In the Future

I would like to keep going on with this project and find a away to make it much lighter and also give it legs so you not need to put in on rocks and make stand for it. I also need to make the grate a little smaller so the food would not fall through.