Introduction: Campaign Sign Hack

So the elections are over and you aren’t quite ready to let go of your point of view. Consider a sign makeover for issues that are still on your plate.

Step 1: Step One:

Here are two solutions; one, quick & sticky and two, more challenging artistically and possible longer lasting.

Step one:
Bring in your sign and wipe the tears off of it, or last night’s rain, whichever.
Step two:
See which letters might be altered to create a supportive message.

Step 2: Solution One:

Tools: The right color of tape, scissors.

Step 3: Step Three:

Cut tape to block out elements of graphic style and affix

Step 4: Step Four:

A new word and messages emerge!

Step 5: Step Five:

Return sign to lawn or other publicly visible site. Struggle Sharply!

Step 6: Solution Two:

Repeat step one:

Tools:Acrylic paint, paint brush

ALT Step three:
Match the paint colors to the sign background. Process blue! Lucky me, no mixing!

Step 7: ALT Step Four:

Carefully paint out chosen areas of text.

Step 8: ALT Step Five:

Let dry. You may have a sealer to coat your work with after it has dried.

Step 9: ALT Step Six:

Return sign to lawn or other publically visible site. Struggle Sharply!