Introduction: Camper Valentine Box

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It's that time of year again! Time for Valentine parties at school with cupcakes and candy and of course Valentine cards. I made this adorable Box for my Granddaughter to take to her party, I know she'll love it.

There's just something nostalgic about a Retro camper!

Step 1: Supplies


Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks

construction paper or scrapbooking paper in pink, purple, yellow and green

Small piece of black poster board for wheels

Yellow Rick-Rack



Flower stickers

Narrow ribbon or embroidery floss, 12"


shipping tape

sharp knife

Step 2: Cut Cardboard

Cut 2 ovals for the front and back of Camper. 15" wide x 10" tall.

Cut approximately 35 pieces of cardboard 1" x 6". These are for the top, sides and bottom of camper.

Step 3: Glue Cardboard

Cut approximately 70 pieces of poster board 1" x 2".

Fold each of these in half.

Glue half of these pieces of poster board around the inside of the front section.

Glue a 1" x 6" cardboard piece, at a short end, to each piece of poster board.

Glue the back section of the camper to the long, narrow cardboard pieces

Step 4: Cover With Paper

Cover the Camper with white paper, leaving a slot at the top for the Valentines Cards to go into.

Cut 6 pieces of cardboard, 1" x 5", glue 3 of these together, on top of each other. Repeat with the other 3.

Glue these to the bottom of the camper about 5" apart.

Step 5: Cover With Colored Paper

Using the hot glue gun, cover the bottom third of the front and back with green paper.

Cover the top third of the front and back of camper with pink paper.

Cover the middle section of the front of the camper with purple paper.

Cover the middle section of the back of the camper with yellow paper.

Step 6: Door, Windows and Wheels

Cut a door out of colored paper, 2-1/2" x 6-1/2"

Cut 2 windows, 3-1/4" square

Cut 2 tires, 2-3/4" round

Round off the top corners of the door and round off the corners of the windows.

Glue onto the camper.

Glue a small round circle to the door for a doorknob.

Step 7: Details

Glue some yellow rick-rack on the front and back of the camper where the colors meet.

I got a sheet of pretty flower stickers in the scrapbooking department and placed them on the front and back.

Cut 1" wide strips of paper that are left over and glue to the top and sides of the camper.

Cut a 12" long piece of narrow ribbon or embroidery floss and to the top over the door at an angle.

Cut 9 triangles about 1" wide, out of colored paper and glue them to the front of the camper, over the string, for the pennant.

Step 8: Undercarriage

In order to retrieve the cards without destroying the box, I made a hole in the bottom.

Cut a 3" square hole in the bottom of the box with a sharp knife, between the cardboard supports.

Cover the edges with clear shipping tape to prevent it from tearing.

Tape the square and use as small door.

Fold over a piece of tape and attach to the edge of the door to grab onto.

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