Camper's Ugly Breakfast

Introduction: Camper's Ugly Breakfast

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Ugly Breakfast is an easy to prepare meal that has become a camping tradition in my family. It might look like a product of your dog's indigestion but waking up to it cooking over an open fire is guaranteed to start your day of camping right.

The pros to this meal are many for campers; it is simple to make, an easy recipe to remember, full of protein (a plus just before a day of rugged outdoor activities), requires no special ingredients or cookware, needs no seasonings, and is always a crowd pleaser.

(Unfortunately Mother Nature got the better of us last camping adventure resulting in a morning thunderstorm chasing us to a nearby home where we prepared this in the kitchen. Know that this is an exception, this is meant to be prepared over the campfire.)

Step 1: Sausage

In your cast iron skillet brown one pound of loose breakfast sausage. I do not recommend turkey sausage because, being so lean, you would probably have to pack an oil to fry it in. In camping less is more.

Step 2: Eggs

Once the sausage is cooked add in one dozen eggs and scramble.

Step 3: Corn

Once the eggs are cooked add two cans of whole corn (drained) and two cans of cream style corn. Cook until most the moisture is gone then serve and enjoy.

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    It might not look the most appealing, but I think not all delicious dishes are going to look like 5-star meals. Awesome job, sounds like it would be quite tasty and great for feeding big groups :)