Introduction: Campfire Peach Pies

This Instructable is last shoutout to summer camping food. Camping is great in and of itself, but one of my favourite aspects of it is finding ways to make any kind of food over a simple firepit. I had recently made a delicious peach pie with my grandma, and I saw the Camping foods, Summer food and drink, and baking contests. That got me to thinking how could I make an intractable that involved camping, summer and baking. Since the most recent baking I had done was my peach pie, I began to ponder ways of making that into a camping kind of food. And so we have the campfire peach pies.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

To make your campfire peach pies you will need:


-Brown sugar


-Pie crusts (I used the Pillsbury brand ones)


Other stuff:

-Aluminum foil


-Rolling pin

-Roasting stick



Step 2: Peal Your Peach

To peal a peach you need to fist boil some water and then put it into a bowl/container and submerge your peach in that water for about 1-2 minutes. Next submerge the peach into cold water for 1-2 minutes. Then take your peach out and it should be easy to slip the peel of the peach with your hands.

Step 3: The Butter Brown Sugar Mixture

The next step is giving your peach a tasty coating. For this you will need to make a mixture that is 2 parts brown sugar to 1 part butter. Slather this all over your peach.

Step 4: Wrap You Peach in Pie Crust

Lay out your pie crust across a plate, and place your peach in the center. Wrap and fold your crust up and around your peach so that it will have some excess on the top. Remove the extra and roll that out again. Wrap your peach until you've used all the dough from one circular pie crust.

Step 5: Cover and Place in the Fire

Wrap your pie up in some tin foil with the shiny side facing in. I found that it was best to do 3 layers so that the tin foil wouldn't burn off or rip if you moved it around (this happened the first time I tied this when I only USD one layer). Wait until your fire has gone to coals before you put in your pie. I found that the best way to get your pie into you fire was by puncturing a hole in the tin foil at the top with a roasting stick and then sticking a prong of the roasting stick into that hole and guiding it into the firepit. I would stick it in again to move the pie around as needed if there was a better area for cooking in the coals, or if it was getting too hot.

Step 6: Remove the Pie

Remove your pie form the fire pit using the roasting stick and place it on some pieces of wood to cool (5 minutes). One it is cooled remove the tin foil and you should have a lovely pie. You can eat it by just biting into it or cutting it up or serving it with ice cream. Enjoy!

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