Introduction: Camping Breakfast Sandwich

Who doesn't crave an egg McMuffin while camping? Here's a wonderful way to have an easy camping breakfast...with almost no dishes to clean!

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

1. Cast iron pie iron. Easy to get from Cabellas or any outdoor store. Can also get a double to cook two as one

2. Two slices of your favorite bread

3. Egg

4. Sausage cooked on the fire and sliced lengthwise. Bacon or fried ham are also tasty.

5. Sliced cheddar or your favourite cheese.

6. Salt and pepper

Step 2: Making Your Camping Breakfast Sandwich

1. Butter outer sides of two pieces of bread or butter the pie iron.

2. Press bread into pie iron butter sides out

3. Flatten bottom bread to make a 'well' for the fillings

4. Crack an egg in the bottom bread

5. Layer the sliced sausage and cheese on top

6. Salt and pepper as you like

Step 3: Close Up the Pie Iron

1. Carefully close up the pie iron, making sure to push the bread inside so that it doesn't burn.

Step 4: Cook Your Breakfast Sandwich

1. Find an area of your fire over coals

2. Hold it over the coals approximately 10min each side.

3. Periodically check to see if nice and browned.

4. If your fire ring has a grate you can cook it on the grate, but you will need to hold it lower to brown the bread in the end.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Let your sandwich cool a bit. Then refill with another while you enjoy!

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