Camping Cutlery From Ordinary Kitchen Utensils




Introduction: Camping Cutlery From Ordinary Kitchen Utensils

Simple trick to make a compact set of cutlery for your camping trip or for your traveling adventures.

I used my Proxxon circular saw but it can be done with a simple saw and a small file.

You can use any cutlery from your kitchen and one or two exacto knives (I made 3 for my kit but if you are a loner you might only want one or two).

I cut my utensils short and made one of the knives clips a bit larger so the end of my utensils can fit.

I also cut from the length of the exacto knives to the length of my shortened cutlery for a perfect fit in my camping mug.

The cool part of this trick is that I can still use my cutter blades with the body so that gives another meaning to my camping set.

I hope you find this trick as useful as I do.


- Saw or circular saw

- Small file

- 1-3 Exacto knives

- cutlery from your mother kitchen

Step 1: Cut Utensils to Desired Lenght

Pointer: the width of the handle is pretty important because it has to get in the exacto knife. If it is too wide, you will have to make it a bit smaller.

Step 2: Prepare Exacto Knife to Fit the Cutlery

There are a few designs of exacto knifes out there. You can chose a different model and get different handle on your cutlery set. I chose the Wolfcraft model because it is light (made from aluminium) and easy to dismantle witch makes it easy to clean. The pin inside the handle has two thin grooves made like a cross. One of them needs to be widened so you can fit the cutlery handle inside. This can be done in various ways: circular saw, simple saw, file it down (takes a lot of time thow).

Step 3: Shorten the Handle to Desired Lenght

Depending on the model of the exacto knife you might want to cut the end of the handle to make it smaller.

I cut mine in such a way that it's the same length as the cutlery. this way it takes the same amount of space in length.

DONE !!!

BTW: The small bag I use to hold them all together..... … sunglasses bag ;)

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    I really like how you made this utensils set :)


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you very much!