Introduction: Camping Steak and Potatoes

Recently I went camping with a friend and we decided to grill some steak over the campfire. Here is how we cooked a delicious steak over a campfire with baked potatoes.

what you will need:





salt and pepper



any other garnishes you may want

Step 1: Select Your Steak

I have done this with both porterhouse and rib-eye steaks.

Here are some things to keep in consideration.

1. Bone. Can you pierce your steak all the way through and provide support while cooking?

2. Marbling. When you can add flavor with out packing extra stuff its a plus. I will usually save some pieces of fat and juices in my cookware and throw the whole thing in my cooler for some extra flavor on my eggs in the morning.

3. Favorite. pick your favorite streak. most steaks can work with this method as long as you have some ingenuity.

Step 2: Make Your Fire

You will want to start your fire so your coals are good and hot by the time you are ready to cook.

Step 3: Make Your Cooking Utensil (Select-a-Stick)

Find a sapling about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter u can use dead fall but you will run the risk of your cooking stick catching on fire. The wood is also unforgiving while splitting.

The overall length of your cook stick should be enough for your stick to be in the fire and you not.

Choose a section with out any knots that about 1 foot in length.

Split the wood 4 times as shown in pics

Step 4: Make Your Cooking Utensil (wedge and Sharpen)

Wedge some of your split wood into the gaps to evenly space the tips.

Proceed to shave and sharpen to a point.

I like to keep each of my spikes to 1/4 inch.

Step 5: Potatoes Start

Cut your potato in half and fill it with 1 tbs of butter.

Wrap in heavy duty foil. If you don't have heavy duty foil just wrap it a few times

Place in coals and cover.

Leave for about 20 to 30 min.

Step 6: Spear Your Food. (support Your Meat)

Here are some meats I have speared before.

Hold your tri-spear up to your meat you may have to adjust to to best support your meat.

Notes. If it is thin meat like a strip steak or a thin chicken breast you should weave it on to the spear points.

Step 7: Season and Sear the Steak (red Hot Coals)

Season your steak. I just use salt and pepper, the wood will provide a nice smokey flavor.

Make sure your coals are nice and red hot! You will want to get a nice sear on your steak to trap all those juices in.

Lay your steak directly on the coals for about 1 to 1 1/2 min then flip.

Once seared cook meat over flame to desired preference.

Step 8: YUM!

Eat and enjoy!

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