Introduction: Camping Style Crescent Rolls

 I recently went camping at North/South Lake in the Catskill Mts. in NY with my great friend Paul, or as you may know him, AtomicTurkey27. Making Crescent Rolls while camping has always been a tradition for me and my family, so when Paul came camping with us we decided to share this essential aspect of camping with everybody! Enjoy!

WARNING: Crescent rolls are extremely addicting. Bring extra because you WILL want more...

Step 1: Go Camping, and HIKE

Go on a hike while you wait for the perfect time to make a campfire, and work up your appetite for calorie loaded crescent rolls. And take pictures of your hike. LOTS of pictures.

Step 2: Find Your Way Back and Play With Fire

Ok, well maybe not exactly, don't go lighting your tent on fire or anything. After you've gone back to your campsite and taken off your hiking boots and socks, your going to need to light a fire to make your crescent rolls over. Your going to want hot coals for baking crescent rolls, so get the fire going early, and then you can make and eat crescent rolls right after dinner.

Step 3: Break Out the Crescent Rolls!

Ok, so once you have your fire going and you are waiting for it to burn down to a pile of embers, carve your stick to roast your crescent roll on. Look for a nice stick that is rather thick, about as thick as your picky or so, and has a Y bend in it. After slicing the bark off the Y and the handle, "braid" the crescent roll around the Y. This will make the dough thinner than if it is simply wrapped around the stick, reduces cooking time and allows it to cook evenly and doesn't leave you with a gross sticky mass of uncooked dough in the center. Yuck.

Step 4: Lets Get Funky!

Ok, so now your probably thinking "Great. I just finished my delicious crescent roll. Now what?" Well, Paul told me about how he, on his last camping trip, cooked chocolate inside of his crescent rolls, almost like a chocolate croissant, and said that they were delicious. After hearing about this I couldn't wait to try it. They were absolutely delicious. Here is how you can make your very own warm chocolate filled crescent roll.

Step 5: Now Your Done. Enough Said

So, if you haven't figured it out already, your done. Go clean your stick, brush your teeth, and enjoy the fire. Crack jokes, elaborate on current events, or order your personal robot slave to bring you a drink, I don't care. Enjoy!

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