Introduction: Camping Survival Kit

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This is a fun little kit that can cook, heel, start fires or just a emergency kit incase of a storm or other natural disaster this is my first intractable so comment please

Step 1: What You Need

You will need a few household things to make this fun little camping kit 1. A few bags of tea or coffee 2. Neosporin,triple antibiotic ointment,and some alcohol wipes 3. 9v battery 4. Lint, steel wool, and tin foil 5.a METAL coffee container Matches, match strikers, and candles. 6. Medical tape, gauze, and some steri-strips 7. And a nice little backpack

Step 2: Putting It Together

Putting it together should be pretty easy so lets get started. Depending on the kind of backpack you have you may want to pack it up differently So for me i put all the medical stuff in one pouch fire in another and and cooking in another

Step 3: Packing It Up

There are a lot of ways to pack your gear like combining fire with cooking or medical with cooking or just put it all in your bag ( witch your supposed to do anyway) but Maybe you want to leave out the coffee container and stuff it into your bag see what im talking about

Step 4: Tips

- never put steel wool and your battery together in a kit unless you want a burnt bag -always put strikers away from matches -you can alway ad new thing take things out or whatever you want to do with it