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Introduction: Camping Survival Kit

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This is a fun little kit that can cook, heel, start fires or just a emergency kit incase of a storm or other natural disaster this is my first intractable so comment please

Step 1: What You Need

You will need a few household things to make this fun little camping kit 1. A few bags of tea or coffee 2. Neosporin,triple antibiotic ointment,and some alcohol wipes 3. 9v battery 4. Lint, steel wool, and tin foil 5.a METAL coffee container Matches, match strikers, and candles. 6. Medical tape, gauze, and some steri-strips 7. And a nice little backpack

Step 2: Putting It Together

Putting it together should be pretty easy so lets get started. Depending on the kind of backpack you have you may want to pack it up differently So for me i put all the medical stuff in one pouch fire in another and and cooking in another

Step 3: Packing It Up

There are a lot of ways to pack your gear like combining fire with cooking or medical with cooking or just put it all in your bag ( witch your supposed to do anyway) but Maybe you want to leave out the coffee container and stuff it into your bag see what im talking about

Step 4: Tips

- never put steel wool and your battery together in a kit unless you want a burnt bag -always put strikers away from matches -you can alway ad new thing take things out or whatever you want to do with it

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    7 years ago

    Does anyone have suggestions for this


    Reply 5 years ago

    Okay... you didn't list a lot of the contents, and the pictures make it hard to tell exactly what you've got packed in there. With that said, your kit seems to be a decent first attempt, BUT... I would recommend more focus on the golden rule of survival priorities. It's called the "Rule of 3's":

    - You can die from severe trauma in as little as 3 MINUTES.

    - You can die of hypothermia in as little as 3 HOURS.

    - You can die of dehydration in as little as 3 DAYS.

    - It takes a minimum of 3 WEEKS to die of hunger.

    Once you've got these survival priorities in mind, plan your kit around the biggest priorities first.

    - First, plan (or buy) the medical portion of the kit with a focus on trauma... and specifically on stopping serious bleeding (tourniquet, bandages, sutures, etc). Multi-use meds like benadryl and aspirin are also nice to have.

    - Next priority is warmth (SHELTER and FIRE).

    SHELTER - Your kit's biggest drawback is that it has no shelter (that I can see). If a freezing rain starts to fall and you have no way to stay dry... you might have only a few hours left to live. Not enough time to build a good shelter! Even something as simple and cheap as a painter's tarp or a trash bag could save your life. Also consider a reflective survival blanket to wrap up in.

    FIRE - In the same space/weight you've used with batteries, steel wool, lint, matches, etc.... you could have packed a couple BIC lighters (a MUCH more reliable means of starting a fire!). Instead of the lint, try vaseline soaked cotton balls. These are waterproof, will light with a spark, and will burn much better and longer than lint.

    - I see no means to carry/purify water in this kit (except the can itself, which relies on fire/boiling for purification). A good alternative might be a plastic bag and either some water purification tablets or better yet... a small dropper filled with bleach.

    - You can basically forget about food in a survival kit... most survival situations last less than 48 hours. In fact, MOST of them involve an (uncomfortable) night spent in the woods. Consider "comfort" foods if you have the space (sugar candy, energy bar, etc). I put a couple packets of instant coffee in mine.

    OTHER - Outside the normal priority list, but just as important is SIGNALING. Are there any flashlights in your kit? A whistle? A mirror? Also, I don't see much cordage in your kit. Consider things like dental floss, thread, string, fishing line, paracord, etc... whatever you can fit. Note that paracord and other cordage could be wrapped around the can itself (as you seem to have done with duct tape).


    Reply 4 years ago

    i was a kid and did this in my moms basement from things i saw around the house that looked like something id seen in a survival movie. and looking at this 4 years later makes me cringe sooo hard, but thanks for the lengthy reply


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm a newb, so a little info on how to use some of the items or what is fire items and what is cooking items. Its second nature to you but greek to me.


    7 years ago

    I would buy a pre-made first aid kit. Mine is from adventure medical kits, but I added some more contents to it.