Camping Toilet DIY W/ Bucket [EASY] | the Sticks Outfitter | EP. 19

Introduction: Camping Toilet DIY W/ Bucket [EASY] | the Sticks Outfitter | EP. 19

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What You'll Need: A five gallon bucket, a few five or eight gallon trash bags, a pool noodle, a roll of toilet paper, and a knife

  1. First things first, pop the bucket's handle off on one side, slide the roll of toilet paper onto the handle and reattach the handle to the bucket
  2. Next, line the bucket with the trash bag and tie a knot to make sure the bag is secure on the bucket
  3. Now, let's take the pool noodle, trace the top opening of the bucket so the pool noodle is laying along the rim
  4. With a knife, mark the spots on each end where you'll want to cut the noodle so it's the right length and make the two cuts
  5. Now that the noodle is the correct length, place the noodle on the ground and cut a slit long ways down the entire noodle, essentially 'filleting' it so it opens up
  6. After creating the opening for the noodle, it should be able to be placed right along the top rim of the bucket
  7. Once the noodle is securely on the top rim of the bucket, you have yourself a toilet, so go ahead and give it a try...
  8. And don't forget, always dispose of your waste in legal areas!

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    4 years ago

    Alternatively to the pool noodle - go to your local DIY or homeimprovement store and grab one of the foam insulations for heating or hot water pipes. They come in different diameters, are about 1m in length and are already slit - and cost only about 1-2€.

    The Sticks Outfitter
    The Sticks Outfitter

    Reply 4 years ago

    Great idea Pumuggel! Thank you for the coment!