Introduction: Camping Toilet Paper Carrier

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Sure, most places you go camping have toilet paper. But what if is at the end of a busy weekend and the stalls are out? Or you could just be at some place that doesn't keep a close eye on such things. Taking your own to the toilets is a little insurance and this TP carrier is not only discrete but it will keep your paper dry in the rain.


1-plastic +/- 30 oz. coffee can with lid

1- thrift store belt

Tools etc.

Sharp knife

Ruler or tape measure

Spray paint (optional)

I knew there must be some good ways to use the plastic coffee cans now in use. Having run out of ideas of my own and what I could find on-line, I turned to my coworkers. Thanks to Joan for the idea which I am sharing.


Make sure a roll of TP fits inside the can. Paint the can if you want and let dry completely. Measure the height of your roll and make a vertical slit 1/2" longer in the side of the can from the bottom upwards towards the top. Make four more slits, horizontal, about 1/4" longer than your belt is wide. Put a pair on one side, top and bottom, and the other pair opposite the first pair. Feed the belt downward through a top slit and then through the bottom slits so the belt crosses the bottom of the can. Finish by feeding the belt out through the last, upper slit. Done.

To add a light for nighttime trips to the toilet, Velcro a battery touch light to the lid.


Insert the roll of TP into the can and feed the end out through the vertical slit. Add some handi wipe packets or a damp washcloth in a zip-top plastic bag inside the can if you want. Buckle the belt, snap the lid in place, and you are ready when Nature calls.