Introduction: Camping Twisted Bread/ Schlangen Brot

Hmmm freshly baked bread in a campfire without any utensils , just on a stick. Yes as wild it may sound, is even tastier and easier to make.

Step 1:

the day prior to our camping date,I prepare the dough. It has the very basic ingredients


500gm bread flour

1sachet instant yeast

1tsp salt

1/2 tsp sugar

1Tbs oil/ melted butter

2-3dl warm water or milk.

Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Knead the dough to a soft yet firm consistency. keep kneading for around 4-5 minutes. Place it in a bowl or better a box with a lid which you can carry along. Make sure the box is big enough leaving room for the dough to rise.

Step 2:

At the camp site:

once the fire has been lit, collect long sticks...I would suggest around 3 feet and of a thickness of an adult finger.

With your hand scoop out a handful of dough.Using both hands elongate the dough and then twist it,wrapping around the stick at one end.

Thats it!!!

Step 3: Baking

Holding the free end of the stick hold the bread over the flames or if you have a grill place it on the grill.

Make sure you keep turning the bread so that it is done in all directions.

In a very short time around 7-8minutes you should see a brownish crust being formed. When the crust is on all the sides of the bread your bread is ready!!

Alterations: you could add herbs or spices like cumin or oregano to the bread dough before baking.

You can also wrap the dough around a sausage to get a sausage twisty.

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